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Juul Labs Files Complaint with the United States International Trade Commission to Prevent Importation and Distribution of Products Alleged to Infringe Juul Labs’ Patents

Juul Labs, Inc. announced today that it has filed a complaint with the United States International Trade Commission (ITC)... Read more

On October 4, 2018

Statement From Kevin Burns, JUUL Labs Chief Executive Officer, Regarding Recent FDA Inspection

JUUL Labs issued the following statement from its Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Burns, regarding the FDA Inspection... Read more

On October 2, 2018

JUUL Labs Presents Findings from Cytotoxicity Study at The Tobacco Science Research Conference

JUUL Labs, Inc. today announced results from a preliminary study on the cytotoxicity of aerosol generated from JUUL’s Menthol, Mint and Cucumber 5% nicotine-e-liquid filled pods... Read more

On September 17, 2018

JUUL Labs Statement Regarding Recent FDA Request

JUUL Labs issued the following statement today from its CEO Kevin Burns... Read more

On September 12, 2018

JUUL Labs Files Trademark Claims Against 30 Entities in China Selling Counterfeit JUUL Products on eBay

JUUL Labs, Inc. announced today that it has filed trademark claims against 30 entities in China for selling counterfeit Juul products on eBay. The... Read more

On September 11, 2018

JUUL Labs Submits Comments to the U.S. FDA Regarding the Regulation of Flavors in Tobacco Products

Smoking is still the leading cause of preventable death worldwide, with more than 480,000 deaths in the United States each year. Our mission is to eliminate cigarette smoking in the world by providing adult smokers with a true alternative to cigarettes. We... Read more

On August 2, 2018

Statement JUUL Labs applauding Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker for signing a bill that raises the statewide tobacco buying age to 21

We applaud Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker for signing a bill requiring people to be at least 21 in order to purchase cigarettes, tobacco or vaping products. At JUUL Labs, we support 21+ legislation at the local, state and federal levels. We want to... Read more

On July 27, 2018

Statement from JUUL Labs regarding the Press Conference Held by the Massachusetts Attorney General

We welcome the opportunity to work with the Massachusetts Attorney General because, we too, are committed to preventing underage use of JUUL. We utilize stringent online tools to block attempts by those under the age of 21 from purchasing our products... Read more

On July 24, 2018

JUUL Labs Will Make 3% Nicotine Pods Widely Available to Provide Existing Adult Smokers With Nicotine Strength Options

JUUL Labs today announced plans to make 3% nicotine pods widely available to further support the Company’s mission to provide existing adult smokers with a true alternative to cigarettes. With the availability of the 3% pods, current adult smokers will have... Read more

On July 12, 2018

New Survey Results Address Impact of JUUL Use on Eliminating or Reducing Cigarette Consumption

Among the results announced by the Center for Substance Use Research (CSUR), an independent UK-based research center, 64.3% of 11,689 adults (aged 21 years or older) who participated in the survey and reported they were smokers when they first used JUUL, also reported... Read more

On June 29, 2018

JUUL Labs Appoints Former FDA Chief Counsel Gerald F. Masoudi as Chief Legal Officer

JUUL Labs today announced the appointment of Gerald F. Masoudi as Chief Legal Officer, effective July 9, 2018. In his new role, Mr. Masoudi will be responsible for the Company’s global legal strategy and will report to JUUL’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kevin... Read more

On June 21, 2018

JUUL Labs Commends Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller for Convening International Group of Public Health Experts to Advise on Youth Prevention

The bipartisan group, including public health officials and former attorneys general, will advise the Company on how to keep JUUL out of the hands of underage individuals through youth and parent education and awareness. In addition, the group will provide counsel... Read more

On June 18, 2018

JUUL Labs Presents Findings at the Global Forum on Nicotine 2018

JUUL Labs today announced preliminary results from a study on harmful and potentially harmful constituents (HPHCs) in JUUL’s nicotine-filled pods. The findings, “HPHC Analysis of Eight Flavors of a Temperature-Regulated Nicotine Salt-Based ENDS Product,” were... Read more

On June 15, 2018

JUUL Labs Implements New Social Media Policy for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

The Company, whose mission is to eliminate cigarettes by offering adult smokers a true alternative, will no longer feature models on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook (JUUL Labs does not have a Snapchat account). Instead, JUUL Labs will feature former smokers... Read more

On June 14, 2018

JUUL Labs Launches Advertising Campaign Aimed at Raising Awareness And Combating Underage Use

In its continued effort to combat teenage use, JUUL Labs today announced the launch of a new multi-pronged educational advertisement campaign to arm parents with information about JUUL. The Company’s print, digital, and radio campaign, titled “What Parents Need... Read more

On June 6, 2018

JUUL Labs Announces Comprehensive Strategy to Combat Underage Use

Building on its existing youth prevention and education programs, JUUL Labs today announced it will take additional decisive action by actively supporting state and federal initiatives to raise the minimum age to 21+ to purchase tobacco products as part of an initial... Read more

On April 25, 2018

JUUL Labs Presents Findings From Two Studies at The Society for Research on Nicotine; Tobacco’s 2018 Annual Meeting

JUUL Labs, Inc. today announced results from a preliminary study on the temperature regulation and harmful and potentially harmful constituents (HPHCs) of JUUL’s Virginia Tobacco 5% nicotine-e-liquid filled pod. The findings, “Characterization of Temperature... Read more

On Feb 2, 2018

JUUL Labs, Inc. Appoints Kevin Burns, Previously President & Chief Operating Officer of Chobani, as its Chief Executive Officer

We could not be more pleased to announce Kevin as JUUL Labs' new CEO," said James Monsees, Co-Founder and Board Member. "He was a key contributor to the extraordinary operational and strategic success at Chobani that positioned... Read more

On December 11, 2017